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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, remember that you can contact us at

We also provide a list of questions you may have about this edition, the application process, the participation fee, the programme, etc. For information about the congress in general and its structure, please click here.   

How much is the participation fee and what does it include?

The participation fee for international students and Estonian University that need housing will be 180 EUR. It will include accommodation for the whole week of the congress, participation in all congress activities, excursion tickets, and a welcome pack. If we have more sponsors, the fee may be reduced. 

What is not included in the participation fee?

The fee does not include the cost of the participant's travel from his/her home country to Tartu and back as well as accommodation during extra nights in Tartu outside the congress days.  If you need to stay a few extra days not only in Tartu but perhaps to visit other cities such as Tallinn, Helsinki or Riga, we can recommend cheap options. The meals won't also be covered by the congress fee. However, the planned hostel has a kitchenette shared by a few rooms that can be used. We will also look for cheap options for eating all together during the week.

Who can apply?

If you are a student in any European country in a field of biosciences such as biology, biotechnology, environmental sciences, biochemistry, etc. at bachelor, master, PhD or postdoc level, you can apply to the conference. You can be an active participant (give an oral presentation, workshop, present a poster) or a passive participant (listener). However, we give priority to applications from active participants. We welcome applications from any European country, but please note that if you are not from an EU country, you may need a visa to enter Estonia. Contact your nearest Estonian embassy for more information. 

When is the application process open?

The first application round will be opened from 22nd of January till 22nd of February and the results will be available one week after the deadline at the latest. If there are still places available, a second round will be opened around March-April with the results in early May. 

I have an allergy, food intolerance or follow a certain diet. Will this be taken into account at the congress?

Of course it will. When filling in the registration form, there will be a section regarding  food and medication. We will try to accommodate each case, contacting the participant before the congress to assess their needs. 

What is the cancellation policy for the participation fee of the Congress?

Once the results of the applications have been announced, payment details for the participation fee will be provided. Please note that once payment is made, your participation is fully confirmed. Because for accommodation, meals, and excursion tickets we need to know the number of participants well in advance, there is no guarantee that the fee will be refunded once paid if the participant cancels his/her registration. However, if there is a participant who can fill the place of another participant who cancels, the full amount can be refunded, but again,  refund is not guaranteed.

Does Young BM Network profit financially from the fee?

No, every euro of the fee is used for the participants' stay in Tartu and for the activities in which they will participate in the congress. If by any chance there is a surplus of money after the congress, it will be passed on to the organisers of the 2025 edition.

I join the congress but I'm either one day late or I leave before it's over. Do I have to pay the same fee as everyone else?

Yes, you do. 

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