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Young BM Congress 2024 in TARTU, Estonia, will take place from the 4th to 10th August. 




Participant registration is open from 22nd January to 22nd February. Read more about the application process here.



What is Young BM Network?

Young BM Network was born as an informal association of students at the University of Malta in autumn 2016 to revive the organisation of the annual conference for bioscience students "Biovolutionary", which took place during the 90's until the early 00's when it was cancelled due to lack of sponsors and organisational problems. 


This association was inspired by other young scientist student congresses such as Symbiose or Europharmess to give Biovolutionary a facelift and organise a new annual congress called Young BM, which stands for "Young Biologists Matter".


Since the first edition of this congress in 2017 in Malta, Young BM has been slowly making its way among young European biologists with 4 successful editions so far. 

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