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Social part

Although the congress week is full of activities in the scientific programme, another fundamental part of this congress is the social and cultural part. The participants, together with the organisers and volunteers, will be able to discover the host city and get closer to the host country culture. Therefore, there are different formal and informal activities that make up the social programme. The different parts of the social programme that have been present in all editions of the congress are summarised below.

Young BM Discover

In order to get to know the host city, the Young BM Discover is organised during the first days. In the form of a treasure hunt, the participants will discover the most emblematic places in the city centre. It is also an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other by cooperating in teams. 


Young BM Championship

It is a tradition that a competition takes place between the bachelors and masters participants against the PhDs and postdocs participants in a different discipline each year. In 2017 it was beach football, in 2018 it was orienteering, in 2019 a scientific gymkhana and in 2022 a murder mystery game to solve.

Country presentations

In order to also get to know where the participants come from, country presentations are organised in the afternoon as part of the cultural programme. In these, the participants present the country where they study (not where they are from originally) in a dynamic and fun way. Traditionally the participants bring food or drinks typical of the country, dances or music. Presentations without powerpoint are always encouraged.

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Apart from getting to know the host city, it is interesting to discover other places of interest nearby. Being a scientific event, each year the organizers  try to take participants on excursions to natural areas such as botanical gardens, natural history museums, national parks or natural monuments. Excursions to other nearby cities are also organised depending on the edition. 

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