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Células madre embrionarias

Participant profile

In order to facilitate the integration of different disciplines and different academic levels in the congress, as part of the application process participants are asked to select the groups to which they feel they belong mentioned below. Groups A and B refer to the different academic levels and groups 1, 2 and 3 to the different scientific disciplines. Thus, for example, a PhD student in ecology will be grouped as B3 and a master student in cell biology will be grouped as A1. 

Científico feliz

Group A - The Rookies

This group includes bachelor's, master's and master's students who have just finished their master's degree and are currently looking for a doctorate or a job.

Científico en laboratorio

Group B - The Seniors

This group includes PhD students (including recent PhD graduates) of any year and postdocs. These applicants are encouraged to be active participants. 


Group 1 - The Moleculars

This group includes all students of molecular and cell biology as well as genetics, biochemistry, clinical biology, biomedicine, histology, microbiology and research in medicine and pharmacy. 

Lab Technician Spraying Plants

Group 2 - The Applicators

This group includes all students of biotechnology, agricultural sciences, biogeography, forestry, soil science and oceanography. It also includes researchers in ecosystem services, marine science and bioeconomics.


Group 3 - The Greens

This group includes students of botany, zoology, ecology, taxonomy, palaeontology and researchers in organismal biology at any level. Science educators and science communicators are also included here. 

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